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TRO knows engineering leads.

We have been helping engineering firms grow for 12 years now. Sales accepted leads that are ready to connect and get help from your firm. We perform lead creation and nurturing to ensure scalable success for our clients. We do this by focusing on:

  • Leads generated per week
  • Qualified sales appointments generated per week
  • Qualified appointments that move further down the sales pipeline
  • Conversion metrics compared to industry standards

We provide qualified leads and appointments in only a couple weeks, not a few months like other lead generation companies. We do this by utilizing inbound and outbound digital strategies to create sales leads 600% faster than traditional inbound techniques. This means if you’re looking for a lead generation agency that gets results, look no further than TRO.


Frank Keck Corebuild Solutions Lead Generation client

First of all, I just have to give a shout out to Justin. The guy calls all the time, helps us stay on track. We love working with TRO because whatever you need is right there. Not only that, but we’re getting results.

 We’ve had several different clients that we can attribute right back to TRO that are actually generating some nice cash for us. They brought us in actual leads that have lead to revenue. So go out and let Isaac take you to lunch.

Frank Keck – CoreBuild Solutions

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation - Client EAM - Wes

TRO Transformed our lackluster marketing efforts into a vibrant, active, integrated and effective program.

They generated more leads in a year than we had generated in three and they are incredibly easy to work with. Great folks.

Wes Kennemore – EAM Solutions

joe stapley ecor lead generation testimonial

We have been working with TRO using the Bunker Buster strategy for about a month and I am beyond impressed with the traction we have gotten. My LinkedIn activity was up over 100% in the first 2 weeks.

The level of connections and conversations I have had since this relationship started has been phenomenal. I highly recommend working with Isaac and Justin.

Joe Stapley – Ecor Global



Learn About Our Approach


To grow financially, businesses require a digital marketing and lead generation agency with a purpose. Companies work with TRO because:

  • We integrate with existing programs for seamless campaign startups
  • We provide measurable ROI and weekly check-ins to guarantee quality
  • We create consistent results that scale with the growth of your business
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This blog is all about making our lead generation agency work for you. Check out our latest stories below for some helpful ideas on how to improve your lead generation and digital marketing efforts.

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TRO is a digital marketing agency in Kansas City that specializes in lead generation for consultants and the technology sector. Because of this, our videos are designed to help you stay up to date on what’s going on in digital marketing. Learn more by checking out our VIDEO PAGE.