Everyone would love to have a steady stream of qualified leads coming in all year long; actually if you had that, you could build any business over time. So treating this business problem as a major Key Result Area and making it a part of your quarterly review process is a good place to start. Below are three concepts to help you start moving the ball in the right direction.

  1. Value the process. Understanding why leads are hard to come by is part of the process. Finding a reproducible way to feed leads into the top of your sales funnel will assist in the process. Working through a strategy value process is also important.
  1. Commit energy. If your plan doesn’t go as expected, then things will still be considered the normal way of not working. To be committed, it’s going to take an estimated 5 to 6 months to get started to have a good program. Think long and hard about this and really ask yourself, “Can the problem be solved in 90 days?” The answer is a simple no for most businesses.
  1. Take the problem seriously. Solving a massive business problem like demand generation can’t be treated like paying a light bill. There’s much more involved and it’s anything but a commodity. Essentially, it’s a moving target and if you drop the ball and you’re not on target, your business is going to dry up as soon as your contracts are done. If you can devote a serious amount of time to your plan and take a closer look at this problem, it will ensure that things are working smoothly. It can also help you look for new ways to do it, be innovative, and finally help your business grow.


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