1. Value the Process

Understanding why leads are hard to come by is very important. Finding a reproducible way feed companies into the top of your sales funnel. We talk to people that don’t even want to work through a proper strategy, but they want leads. Maybe we should cover what the heck a lead even is before we start getting all pumped up about nothing.

2. Commit Energy.

If you are short sighted, when it gets tough (and it will) you will give up and go back to the old (not working) way of doing things. A good program takes 5-6 months to hit full momentum. Do you really think someone outside of your organization is going to be able to in 3 months crack a problem you have NEVER been able to tackle? Stay the course.

Also, the world if marketing is conceptualized in quarters. Try it for 90 days evaluate and move                   on. Experience here says it’s not going to be great in a quarter.

3. Take the problem seriously.

Solving a massive business problem like demand generation shouldn’t be treated like paying the light bill. And it’s anything but a commodity. We’re talking about a constantly moving target that, if you blow it, your business goes in the toilet as soon as your contracts are up. You need to devote a good amount of time to keeping this area strong. Make it a part of your monthly and quarterly review and strategy sessions.

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Episode 6: 3 things to keep leads coming in