According to marketers, the greatest benefit of using marketing automation is generating more leads.

Simple enough, Challenges?

Research from Venturebeat’s marketing automation study indicates that, aside from the differentiating the features of each platform, the biggest challenge of marketing automation for business is understanding how it fits into their organization.

Perhaps that’s the issue… companies are trying to fit marketing automation rather than finding a platform that already matches their internal processes, strengths and resources. I’m weary of best of marketing automation lists or even quadrant approaches. It’s a lot easier to build a solution than to change the entire process and culture of an organization.

That said, there still are lead generation opportunities in the investment of a marketing automation platform. Here are 4 elements that TechnologyAdvice has spotlighted that drive lead generation results:


  1. Collaboration with Sales– can generate a 20% increase in sales opportunities.
  2. Email Drip Campaigns– email is 3x more likely to prompt a purchase than social media.
  3. Landing Pages– using automation in conjunction with landing pages may result in conversion rates as high as 50%.
  4. Personalization and A/B Testing– personalized emails generate 6x the revenue when compared to non-personalized emails.