Digital marketing and lead generation in 2019 are going to change drastically. What used to be effective only a few years ago is no longer going to work like it used to. If you want to stay ahead and compete, you need to utilize these 5 tactics in order to thrive in 2019.

1) Use Multiple Online Approaches


A few years ago, businesses could perform well having only a physical location and maybe a website or Facebook page. You could just invite your friends list, post once a week with a coupon offering and have people come in to your location ready to buy. With the ever increasing number of businesses online across a crowded landscape, it’s not enough to just have 1 or 2 ways to interact with your business.

In 2019, businesses are going to need to be on multiple platforms to generate leads. With so many companies being online, you need to be on as many platforms as possible to grab attention from potential clients and customers. You also need to make sure that your messaging is optimized to perform the best on each individual platform.

Obviously, you’re going to need a website and that website needs to be HTTPS. To do this, all you need is an SSL Certificate which can be purchased from your website host. To learn more on why an SSL Certificate is important, you can check out this video here.

But having a great website alone isn’t the only thing you need to do online.

Other Online Platforms

  • Facebook/Instagram:
    Great for re-targeting customers and for creating custom ads. Use the Facebook Pixel to re-target visitors of your website to create special offers and discounts to entice them to buy from you or work with you. Instagram is also a fantastic platform for influencer marketing.
  • Google My Business:
    Google SEO favors businesses that have a Google my Business Account. Use this to promote special offers or content for prospects that are searching for you.
  • LinkedIn:
    The single best online platform for B2B companies for lead generation in 2019. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target your exact B2B prospects to initiate potential business with. You can also target prospects using similar options to Facebook.
  • Pinterest:
    A Great platform for eCommerce, especially fashion. Reach out to influencers on the platform and cross promote to get your product featured.
  • Quora:
    One of the best website for researching potential blog and video topics. See what is trending and answer/create content to help your SEO and drive potential leads to your website.
  • Reddit:
    Another great platform for research and creative trending ideas. Reddit has sub forums that can be as specific as individual cities and neighborhoods so you can really dive into new ideas for your industry and see what grievances people have related to a certain topic.
  • Twitter:
    An awesome platform for feedback and customer interaction. Research trending hashtags and use them to generate leads for your funnel. Just make sure you do your research to know you are using the tags appropriately.
  • YouTube:
    The number one place for video content. Use YouTube for lead generation in 2019 by creating targeted ads and content that potential customers would search for. You can also partner with influencers on the platform to help push your product or service to the right audience.

All of these platforms, when used correctly, can generate leads and brand awareness for your business. They can also provide feedback and insight onto new trends and complaints about your particular niche or industry. I highly recommend using all of them for your lead generation in 2019.

2) Optimize for Voice Search


I’m sure you have heard the statistic that, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. Even if that’s not true, voice search has been increasing over the years. With the introduction of Siri in 2011 and the Echo device released in 2016, it is far more likely that voice search is going to play an important part in the future of lead generation.

Some other eye-opening statistics around voice search:

  • 1 in 6 Americans own a Smart Speaker
  • 40% of Adults use Voice Search at Least Once Daily
  • Voice Commerce was a $1.8 Billion Retail Segment in the United States in 2017
  • 20% of Mobile Queries are Voice Searches
  • Mobile Voice Searches are 300% more Likely than Text Searches to be Local Searches

While all this information is compelling, you might be wondering how you can take advantage of this. There are a few things you can do to make sure you are optimized for voice search in 2019.

Make your Website HTTPS

Once again, the first thing you need to do is make sure your website is HTTPS. Google favors websites that have SSL certificates over websites that don’t. Google will also display a “not secure” warning for any website that is not SSL compliant. This means customers could be worried that their information might not be safe and won’t work with you.

Make your Website Load Fast

Your website also needs to load fast, preferably under 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, you lose 7% of website visitors which means potential customers and leads are lost. Additionally, Google recently announced that they favor faster sites over slower ones and your customers will appreciate not having to wait.

Make your Answers Shorter

Most importantly though, when people are using voice search they are typically using longer phrases to specific questions. This means your content that answers these questions needs to be short and to the point. Answering a question in one sentence is going to do better than taking an entire paragraph.

3) Create Different Kinds of Funnels


I get it, the most important metric for 99% of business owners is sales. “How many customers did this generate this week? How many is it predicted to generate? Could this be getting me more?”

Sales Shouldn’t be the Only Focus

Sales are important. Revenue is the life blood of any business. The problem is assuming one kind of funnel is going to generate sales from every kind of customer. At any given time, only a small portion of prospects are ready to buy. This means the majority of your target audience isn’t ready for a commitment with you. Create different funnels for brand awareness and for different kinds of sales opportunities.

But When it is a Focus, use Different Kinds of Sales Funnels

There is also a huge opportunity that many businesses aren’t taking advantage of with their current customer base. Up selling, down selling, customer churn etc. all require a different process to handle effectively. You wouldn’t expect to sell a new car to someone that already bought one from you and is just looking for windshield wipers. So why should we expect this from our online lead generation funnels?

Track your Progress for Each Funnel you Create

You need to use data tracking and analytics to monitor and track prospects throughout your lead generation/sales process. This way you can examine where your weaknesses are and can fix them to ensure your lead generation funnel is as effective as possible. I recommend using a tool like Infusionsoft or HubSpot to track data.

4) Just Blogging isn’t Enough


It’s not enough to regurgitate blog information that everyone else is saying in hopes of ranking on Google. What happens when you google something? Often times, there are thousands if not millions of results to answer your exact question. Most of these results are sporting similar information.

Create Something New or Unique

That’s why you either need to be first to post information or to generate a new spin on something already discussed. A great place to look for new topics and to see what is trending is Quora and Reddit. Remember, new content is king for creating traffic and generating leads.

Talk to your current client base. Figure out what is a common frustration they have and write a blog post about it. This way, you’re creating content that is in your niche market which is sure to make it stand out more. You can even re-direct your current customers that you are looking to upgrade to that post to generate buzz and start a conversation.

Along with new material with blogging, you should also be doing number 5…

5) Create Video Content


For lead generation in 2019, video is the future. Studies have shown adding a product video to your website or landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Additionally, these same studies show 85% of businesses say that they are likely to begin or continue using video in the future.

Video Marketing will make you a Contender for Lead Generation in 2019

If you want to compete online in 2019, you’re going to need to produce video content. Video allows you to create search criteria that people can engage with. It also creates and ice breaker for prospects and is a great way to answer questions they have without drawing it out over the phone or in email. This is why video is going to be crucial for your lead generation in 2019.

Think about it, if you had a simple question, would you rather have to search a companies website/call them up to get a simple answer or simply watch a 1 minute video about their offering? The days of being “mysterious” about what you do in hopes that people are curious enough to reach out to you directly are over. Customers want answers, they don’t want their time wasted. With video you can get them the answers they need in a fun and creative way.

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