Nine years ago, founder Isaac Miranda started a lead generation company serving ERP VARS. He got the idea and website from a mentor, and hit the ground running. After expanding the team, TRO has expanded it’s concentration to focus on technology companies, consultants and over all B2B companies.

For the first few years, the formula was build a good list, call and email those people to book software sales appointments.

With declining interaction rates and the changing habits of buyers; TRO knew they had to evolve. Not buying into the all-you-need-is-SEO hype of the day, the company started looking for other outbound ways to generate leads digitally.

LinkedIn and other social platforms matured and TRO’s proprietary strategy for lead generation was born. Using this strategy for a variety of B2B applications, TRO’s digital arsenal blossomed into what it is today, a full digital agency with an emphasis on lead generation and video. Tools and techniques come and go, but using marketing strategically to help our clients grow will always be our goal.



Lead generation has been our cornerstone service since our inception a decade ago. Our entire agency has sprouted from the catalyst of people needing qualified leads.  In a tough sector like lead generation, having a specialty and proven conversion methods are the only way to get results.

After years of trial and error, TRO has developed its own proprietary strategy. Using social media, re-targeting ads, emails, video and content creation, clients are enjoying self-elected leads that have a very high level of intent and are actionable. Some have said our system isn’t so much lead generation as it is conversation generation.

Some companies use our lead generation services  just for heightened market awareness with their target audience. Some want dedicated, qualified leads they can work, and still others simply want more appointments. Our services accommodate all levels of need and we work one on one with you to make sure your business goals are met.







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Isaac Miranda


Isaac has a history of being a doer and a natural ability to connect people. After 75+ campaigns with TRO, he knows what selling and marketing look like in many different parts of the BtoB and BtoC space. Isaac also loves music and exercise and resides in the Kansas City area with his wife and 2 children.

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Justin Franklin

Vice President of Sales

Justin brings real-world business experience to every campaign he manages to ensure his strict level of quality is met. He puts customer satisfaction first to make sure goals are tracked, evaluated, and met to each campaigns desired expectations.