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Don’t let just anyone create a video for you. Here at TRO, we use our decades worth of video editing experience to create unique videos that get attention. We provide animation, script writing, voice over, touch-ups and more! The best part? We do it all in-house! This means you no longer have to wait months just to see a rough draft or concept.  Want to make a change to a video? No problem! With a dedicated video manager assigned to your project, we will be able to make changes within a few hours, not a few weeks or months.

Who we are Videos

Is your business in need of a professional about us video? Don’t worry, we have you covered. With over a decade’s worth of video editing experience under our belts, TRO will make sure your message delivers. With a combination of custom animation, voice over, original film and stock footage, we provide a quality end product that keeps prospects engaged.

Animated Explainer Videos

TRO Specializes in animated explainer videos. Not only do we animate, but we also provide script writing and voice over. The best part? It’s all done in-house! This means you won’t have to wait for updates or changes to your project. Just call or email us directly and we will make sure your feedback is implemented right away.

Talking Videos

Do you just want to get up and talk? Do you have a great offering that you want to explain but still want to look professional? TRO will come to a location you designate to set up and get your project going. Don’t have a location you want to use? Come by our Studio! Either way, we make sure to bring appropriate lighting, audio and video equipment to get you looking and sounding the best you possibly can.

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