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With our proven system and years of sales experience, we have developed a way of turning prospects into appointments without needing to cold call. Learn more below.

We understand the frustration of
having to make cold calls.

Hi, I’m Isaac Miranda, president of TRO. I remember my team and I making 1000’s of cold calls a week for several years while watching our metrics dwindle. We tried everything:

  • Adding more sales people.
  • Cranking up the number of calls we made a day.
  • Doing more of what we had previously done to be successful.

Despite all this effort, our revenue continued to fall. It wasn’t a matter of simply picking up the phone and making more calls. People were simply answering the phone less and this hurt my teams bottom line.

Even if you are a rock-star at cold calling, (and trust me, I had some rock-star cold callers) conversion rates for cold calls are typically about 2%, compared to 20% for solid leads and 50% for referrals.

That means you would typically have to burn through 50 leads before getting a sale through cold calls, and that’s if you even get them on the phone!

Most of the time a cold call is guilty of at least one of these annoyances:

  • You’re interrupting your prospects day, causing a negative experience.
  • They use caller ID to screen your calls to not pick up when you dial them.
  • Their gate keeper won’t work with you or only transfers you to voicemail.
  • When the prospect does pick up, they aren’t ready to buy and they are now annoyed at you.
  • Your prospect already bought from a competitor and no longer needs your service.

What a pain!

I knew something had to be done, so I developed a digital strategy to create leads that actually wanted to talk to my team. After perfecting this system, my team and I no longer have to make cold calls to secure clients. That is why I now offer this service to other businesses, because I know it works.

What if I told you there was a way to get those 20% solid and 50% referral leads fast and without ever having to make a cold call?

What if there was a way to engage prospects that are on all stages of the buying timeline? Meaning if they aren’t ready to buy now, when they are ready to buy you will be first on their mind?

If you want to learn more, watch the video below about why we quit cold calls. If after watching it makes sense to you, you can contact us by quickly filling out the contact form below.
You can also contact us directly at 1-888-815-8599 with any questions that you might have.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

– Isaac Miranda, President TRO.

TRO Digital Marketing and Lead Generation for Consultants - Dan Stalp - Sandler Training Image
Previously we were doing our own email marketing campaigns internally with success. After outsourcing this to the team at TRO, our click-through rate has increased by 57%!
There is a direct correlation to our click-through rate and our sales training session attendance – real money! Thanks guys!
  • Dan Stalp – Sandler Training
Digital Marketing and Lead Generation - Client EAM - Wes
TRO Transformed our lackluster marketing efforts into a vibrant, active, integrated and effective program.
They generated more leads in a year than we had generated in three and they are incredibly easy to work with. Great folks.
  • Wes Kennemore – EAM Solutions

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