Heat Seeker Video Lead Generation

Heat Seeker is Here

Heat Seeker is what’s next in lead generation.

While cold email is dying and cold calls have been dead longer than King Tut, it’s time for something new.

Doing the same email campaigns over and over hoping deliverability will be a bit better this time is starting to feel desperate.

People of action are looking for another way.

VIDEO: Why its time for video lead generation

Are you Ready to Start Getting Leads With Video?

What You Get from Heat Seeker

Intelligent Buyers

Buyers of high ticket consulting, services and products want to know more before engaging. They have typically spent several hours looking at your product by the time you finally get to talk to them

Qualified leads

5 qualified leads are better than 50 soft leads. Our leads come with intent and action; and after the have self-qualified, they are sales accepted leads. Instant delivery means they’re fresh as well.

More Leads

Video lead generation is a completely new source of leads for most companies. A new kind of lead from a new source means an overall bigger pool of leads for your team to work. Bringing in leads from another scale-able source provides diversity for the life blood of organizations; leads.

Heat Seeker Process

Why Heat Seeker Works