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Chances are if you are involved in technology, you’ve heard about SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is when you use keywords to move up in the ranks when a potential customer searches for your specific industry. So, if you were a company that provided cell phone repair, for instance, you would want to include keywords related to cell phones and their repair in whatever content you publish on your webpage.

When a person in your area, or even globally if you get up there high enough, searches for “cell phone repair,” your company will show up on the first page of the results. That’s the primary goal anyway. It might take some time to get up there, but when you do, more potential customers are going to see you. People don’t generally scroll past the second page of results, so you’re going to want to do what you can to put yourself on that first page.

Start with Pillar Pages

You are working in a technology field, so creating SEO that’s effective at generating quality leads isn’t quite as easy as other companies. The competition knows everything about how algorithms, SEO, and keywords work and they’ve most likely dedicated time and energy to get themselves up in the number one spot. It’s up to you to go even further than they have so you can jump ahead.

Start by using an application that allows you to see what your competition is doing. You will be able to view what’s working and what isn’t and then implement it into your page. You also want to look for new keywords that have been searched a lot, but that nobody is using yet.

After you have some effective keywords to use, you need to plaster them on your website. Create a different page for each keyword that you want to use. Then, include those words in your:

  • Page Title
  • Image Alt Text
  • Headings
  • Page copy
  • Meta description

You should always have a call-to-action and a form for conversion on every single page as well. That’s how leads get in touch with you, and you can record their contact information. Even if they don’t buy on that first point of contact, you can reach out to them later with specials or new information.

Publish New Content Frequently

Now that you have your pages made, you must create new content consistently to keep your pages fresh. Think about the keywords that you initially used when you made the pillar pages. Then, brainstorm ideas on what kinds of articles or other content you can publish that you can include those keywords in naturally. Some of the sort of writing that has proven to be useful include:

  • Analysis of the market
  • Thoughtful executive articles
  • Stats and trends
  • Detailed information on any topic in your industry that’s relevant

Utilize Social Media

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy social media or not. You must utilize it if you want to get yourself in front of a large audience. Think about other industries that are in line with yours and try and connect with them. By building that relationship, there’s a higher likelihood of them using your website as a backlink in their content. When one of their customers clicks on that backlink, it sends them to your site. The more traffic flow you have, the better chance for leads that convert.

If you’re using Twitter, do your research and look up hashtags that are most shared and relevant to your company. If you guess and stuff hashtags in without doing that, you are surely not going to see the same kinds of results. The more effort you put into finding what works, the higher the rate your content will be shared, and then more people will see what you are publishing.

You can post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well to get followers. Just don’t do anything that starts to get too spammy looking. People get annoyed with seeing posts that aren’t relevant or are happening way too often without added value. You want more people following you, not potential leads that click away because you are overwhelming them.

Check On Your Site Often

The last thing that you want to do is all the work necessary to get yourself up where leads are going to see you and then walk away. You can get a grade for how your site is doing by doing performance tests along with checks on your SEO.

Discover where your page isn’t operating at optimum speed and make the necessary changes. Like pop-ups for instance. Google will penalize you if you have pop-ups that slow down your site and that pushes you down in the results. Also, see what SEO is no longer performing and make those alterations as well.


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