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If you have anything to do with marketing, or media in general, you should be aware of influencer marketing. According to, the influencer marketing industry is expected to reach between $5-$10 Billion dollars over the next 5 years. Consumers are wising up to traditional advertising and ,with the addition of adblocker, conversion rates for digital ads are at an all time low.

“The average click-through rate (CTR) in AdWords across all industries is 1.91 % on the search network and .35% on the display network.” – Growth Point Solutions

average click through rate for google ad words

With the increasing popularity of influencer marketing, you might be thinking you need to go out and find an influencer yourself. While this can work relatively easy for consumer based products like clothing and food, it can be a lot harder for more niche markets and B2B services. Sometimes there might not even be an influencer at all!

Another disadvantage of hiring an outside influencer is the increasing difficulty of measuring ROI. It can also be hard to judge which influencers are the real deal and which ones are fake, especially when fake Instagram influencers cost upwards of $100 million in ad spend waste a year. Reasons like these makes becoming you’re own influencer on LinkedIn that much more appealing. With being your own LinkedIn influencer, the advantages you receive are:


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  • Knowing 100% that your efforts are legitimate and not based on fake followers.
  • Being able to pick and choose your target audience easily.
  • Having full control over the LinkedIn influencer process.
  • Getting results at a fraction of the cost.
  • Knowing with absolute certainty how qualified your influencer is to speak about your product or service.


With all these advantages, it can be easy to see why being an influencer can be so appealing. If you are looking to grow your presence on the #1 B2B social media platform, here are some strategies you can use to become a LinkedIn influencer.

Interact With Other LinkedIn Influencers in Your Market

If you have a small network, it can be hard to start posting content and have it get traction. Even if you are posting nearly 5 times a week, if your network is too small you might not see a lot of interaction with your posts. That being said, it’s still important to post consistently on your own feed.

What you can do to start seeing traction however, is commenting and interacting with posts of influencers that DO have traction. By contributing to the conversation, others can see that you are on a leveled playing field as the influencers you are currently commenting on. This will have others to start seeing you as a valid source of information, especially if they frequently see you on this influencers posts and you get likes on your comments.

Just make sure what you are commenting is relative to the post and ads to the conversation. This way, people will be more likely to look at your profile and connect with you because they assume you know what you’re talking about. This will further be backed up by your consistent posts that you have already been making on your profile.

Remember, likes are a good indicator that your comment will get noticed by others, but you want to make sure they are noticing you for the right reasons. Because this will lead to relevant connections/conversations/relationships that can, potentially, be turned into clients.

Darrel D. Frater on LinkedIn

Darrel D. Frater

Set Unique Public Goals

People like to see progress. It’s hardwired into our nature. We as humans are designed to have goals and to try and accomplish them and to watch others do the same. This is why progress bars are so effective for keeping our attention.

According to Dr. Brad Myers of the University of Toronto, progress bars had three main impacts. In his paper The Importance of Percent-Done Progress Indicators for Computer-Human Interfaces.” Dr. Myers states the following points:

  • A progress indicator bar increased survey satisfaction from participants.
  • A progress indicator bar increased engagement from participants.
  • When asked if they would prefer a progress indicator bar, 75% of the no-progress-bar test group said yes they would.

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To grow as an LinkedIn influencer, you can use public goals to keep yourself motivated to succeed, as a form of public accountability and as interesting content for your audience to engage with. A great example of this is John Frye’s 30 day video challenge.

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John Frye

Having a challenge gets people interested to see if you will succeed. Video is a great tool for this because video has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80%. It’s one of the most powerful weapons businesses have at all stages of the sales process, so it only makes sense to use video as an influencer.

If you aren’t a video expert however, you can always create blogs or podcasts related to your topic. Just do whatever medium you’re best at/most comfortable with. All it takes is a few posts for people to start seeing you as an authority in your industry. Just make sure whatever you create is quality content that brings value.

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Create Quality Content

Alright, this one should be pretty obvious. But it’s surprising how many people over look the fact that your content actually has to be GOOD to take you seriously. The good thing is you don’t have to start right away, just go out there and try!

You can even tie in your content to the challenge that was previously stated. Create a public challenge to improve your writing or video skills in 30 days. What’s important is you have to start somewhere, even if it’s the bottom.

What matters though, is making sure your content brings value after consuming it. People are a lot more forgiving if your video doesn’t have the best audio if they actually learned something from you. At the same time, people can see a high production video, but if it doesn’t satisfy their need for value it can hurt credibility. I mean, just look at Green Lantern.

Creating quality content takes practice. Do research on trending topics in your industry. Ask your current customer base what needs they have that they would like you to talk about. See what other LinkedIn influencers are talking about and try to add more to the conversation.

String Nguyen LinkedIn comment image

String Nguyen

The path to becoming more influential on LinkedIn is a long one. It take’s a lot of patience, time and energy just like any other business endeavor. If given enough attention however, the benefits of being your own LinkedIn influencer make the struggles worth it.

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