Here at TRO, we get leads every week for technology firms across North America. It’s a moving target and our clients want results every week. We do a lot of things here and have developed best practices to make sure that happens.

To condense some of those ideas for the typical salesperson that is charged with bringing in their own leads, here are a few ideas we hold to that will keep your funnel full of fresh opportunities.

1. Spend time on your target list. Every hour you plan to spend prospecting, spend 15 minutes prepping your list. so if you spend 20 hours per week trying to find new meetings from you tired old list, you would be better served spending 5 hours on a killer accurate list, and 15 hours  on prospecting time. You will be more productive and sane.

2. Nurture before you blast. Email campaigns are a great tool to let someone know you would like to be on their radar. Sometimes a formatted marketing email is great, but sometimes a personal email sent 1 at a time works well. Spend time to make the subject line relevant EVERY time. (see next point)

3. Niche, niche, niche. When prepping your list, the reason it will take so long is you will be coming up with a reason on every record of why you are reaching out. Whether it be a certain business type you have experience in, a geography, an association or something. If you cant figure anything to have in this blank, you should be questioning even targeting this person. When sending your initial email, this nugget should be in the subject line somewhere. This practice is painfully slow, but when you start getting 10 nice opportunities off a list of 100, you will agree it’s so worth it. Your welcome.