A lead funnel consists of marketing at the top and sales activities at the bottom generating revenue. Marketing feeds the top of the sales funnel. Salespeople are always doing discovery meetings, solving problems, and closing the deal. The bottom of the sales funnel is where the money comes out and everybody wins. There are only a couple of ways into the funnel and people need to find a way in at the top.

Here are some typical types of prospects you are currently dealing with:

  1. Hands on. They just want to talk to you at a trade show. Or it could be sending them a free trial product. Something they can touch or handle.
  2. Voice. It’s all about the talking for some people. They can quickly decide “I either need this or I don’t.” Many people verbally process information better, and sometime objections are just questions!
  3. Research. These people don’t want to be singled-out. They may want to read and learn more, then check you out, and then ask the questions.
  4. Email. They want you to type a long reply to them as they have questions about things so they use this option. They usually see phone calls as old fashioned or a waste of time and hate doing them. They also like to control their time; they respond when ready.
  5. Shy. Some prospects don’t like to be singled out, and really don’t like being sold. These people are great at silent auctions at charity events. Let them stand in the back of the room and gather information.
  6. Type A. They get to the point and make an informed decision now. You better get to the point quick and if you don’t answer their question right you are sunk. It’s like the MMA of selling. Respecting their time is what drives them. They will engage with you later if it makes sense and saves time in the long run.

The message is here LET THEM IN! If you don’t have enough ways to engage them in the funnel, you are going to lose them. You can’t help them if they are bouncing around at the top of your funnel because they don’t play the way you like to play. Make sure they can engage with you on their terms, or else you probably won’t engage with them at all.

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