In the mid 2000’s, the internet was still a wild west of information. Myspace would blare an annoying pop song at you when you checked out a friends profile. 720p video was considered high quality visuals and questions like “Should I use Ask Jeeves or Yahoo as a search engine” were relevant.

Back then we didn’t have Quora as a way to ask and answer questions on the internet for peer approval. Instead, we had Yahoo Answers. While Yahoo answers is still around and has active users, Quora has taken it’s place as the dominate question and answer website.

While the platforms have changed since then, the techniques used to generate traffic and gain attention have, for the most part, stayed the same. Question and answer websites are one of the few instances where what worked 10 years ago hasn’t really changed. Only the platforms you do this on have.

Back in 2007-2008, I personally used Yahoo Answers as a main way to grow my YouTube channel. within less than a year, I grew organically to over 2.5 million views with fewer than 500 subscribers.

I never paid for ads and I never begged for views. Otherwise I would be out of money and have a bunch of annoyed people to deal with. Instead I did exactly what these platforms want you to do. I answered questions and provided value. Here are the steps you need to take to generate leads using Quora.

Create an Account with Relevant Focus.

When you first create an account, Quora will ask you what areas of interest you have. This is important because this will make it easier to see relevant questions right away without searching for them. Have a few broad relevant searches but also get specific. This way your Niche markets will show up right in your feed.

Speed tends to be the name of the game here when answering questions. The faster you can see a relevant topic come into your feed the faster you can answer and get views/up-votes. This is why you need to make sure your initial feed questions are related to what you know if you want to using Quora as an effective lead generation tool.

Answer Specific/Trending Questions, but not TOO Specific.

Just look at the first example questions. What do you notice about them? The first one is super specific.

“How do I recruit, hire and train 100,000 top management executives using LinkedIn over a twelve month period starting with 8,000 existing followers?”

Now look at the second question.

To which business does Social Media marketing cater to – B2C or B2B?”

While both of these questions are specific, the first one has too many specific details involved. It will most likely get very little search traffic, which means your answers aren’t going to get viewed.

The second question is specific enough to warrant a direct answer but broad enough that a good number of people could end up typing that into a search engine. This is the type of question you want to look for when focusing on generating leads.

Answer the Question in Detail, Leaving links to your Content

What worked well for me on both Quora and Yahoo Answers was providing the value that people were looking for, then posting a link to a related question or content that I created that would give them more information.

If you answer peoples questions, they are a lot less likely to be upset at you for posting your links to your own content. This is especially true if that content is related to the question you’re answering. Do NOT post content to unrelated topics, that will just annoy everyone and possible get you banned.

Review your Answers.

A great technique for this is answering questions and seeing if they are going to trend by revisiting them and looking at the views. Then while they are trending create content related to that specific question and re-edit your answer so you can add the new content you just created.

I used this exact technique to write a blog post about the relevancy of asking to sell someone a pen. This is an old sales question that I personally think is over asked but gets brought up a lot in job interviews. The question showed up in my feed, I answered it, and then went back to see that it was getting popular. The best part is you can use this with multiple pieces of content related to different things.

After I edited my answer to ad my blog post, My views of that blog post went up by nearly 600% compared to what my blogs usually get. That answer is also the most popular answer I have ever done on Quora. In fact, it even got me a few LinkedIn messages asking me about my services. Here is one I got after I answered questions specifically regarding LinkedIn.

An even easier thing to do would be to write content ahead of time then look for questions related to that topic. This way, you can answer the questions more quickly and be able to have more people view your content faster. Here is an example:

If you commit and do this enough times, traffic will come to your site. This will help bring more potential customers to reach out to you, especially since you look like an expert after answering so many questions about a specific topic. Just stick with it, be thorough with your answers, and don’t be afraid to post links to your content or site. As long as it’s relevant and you’re bringing value, you’re not going to be seen as spammy.

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