Lead Generation for Technology

Partners, Integrators, OEMs and Consultants; come one come all

8 years of generating technology leads and counting!

Since 2010 TRO has been producing leads for the technology sector. From Partners to OEMs, people that need to get their solution in front of the right people have been coming to TRO.

3 main reasons people use TRO for lead generation

  1. The need for more or different incoming qualified sales leads
  2. Market Messaging that needs tested
  3. Raising market awareness and brand attention

Our methods have changed several times over our 8-year history. From paid social to inbound content strategies, from outbound voice and email to paid search; we have tried everything to get our clients results. Repeatable, scalable results.

Our latest lead generation opus is called the Bunker Buster. Named for its accuracy, the leads that result are so relevant that they have a much higher pipeline entry rate.  This is not a stand-in-line-for-a-lead situation. Each lead is unique to your organization and the way they are generated is unique to your market. Hit the form below to learn how to start getting new leads in as little as 10 days!

Our Proprietary System; the BUNKER BUSTER

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