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Partners, Integrators, OEMs and Consultants; come one come all

9 years of generating technology leads and counting!

Since 2010 TRO has been producing leads for the technology sector. From Partners to OEMs, people that need to get their solution in front of the right people have been coming to TRO.

The 3 main reasons people use TRO for Technology Leads are:

  1. The need for more or different incoming qualified sales leads
  2. Market messaging that needs testing
  3. Raising market awareness and brand attention

Our methods have changed several times over our 8-year history. From paid social to inbound content strategies, from outbound voice and email to paid search; we have tried everything to get our clients results. Repeatable, scalable results. After years of testing and comparison, we have created a system that gets the best results for our clients.

Our platform for generating technology leads is named Bunker Buster for its accuracy. The leads that result are so relevant that they have a much higher pipeline entry rate than standard cold calls or inbound lead generation techniques.  This is not a stand-in-line-for-a-lead situation. Using a combination of digital marketing and outbound strategies, each technology lead we generate is unique to your organization. Fill out the quick form below, or call us directly at 1-888-815-8599 to learn how to start getting qualified leads in as little as 10 days!

VIDEO: The Lead Generation Problem

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation - Client EAM - Wes

TRO Transformed our lackluster marketing efforts into a vibrant, active, integrated and effective program. They generated more leads in a year than we had generated in three and they are incredibly easy to work with. Great folks.

Wes Kennemore – EAM Solutions

joe stapley ecor lead generation testimonial

We have been working with TRO using the Bunker Buster strategy for about a month and I am beyond impressed with the traction we have gotten. My LinkedIn activity was up over 100% in the first 2 weeks.

The level of connections and conversations I have had since this relationship started has been phenomenal. I highly recommend working with Isaac and Justin.

Joe Stapley – Ecor Global

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Client - Phisonary - Josh Wendel

We regularly collaborate with TRO in our business. The team at TRO goes the extra mile to understand the business model and suggest the right approach to reach the desired outcome. The TRO approach is unconventional and takes time and effort to implement, but there really is no arguing with the outcomes… overwhelmingly positive.

Josh Wendel – Phisionary

Are you Ready to Start Getting Technology Leads?

What Makes TRO Better for Technology Leads?

When it comes to being a technology company, there has never been a better time to grow your revenue. Over-inflated advertising campaigns have been replaced with personal one-on-one interactions. With the development of social media platforms and advanced targeting, small and medium sized businesses can now compete on the same level as national brands.

At TRO, we use our years of sales and marketing experience to generate qualified technology leads within a few days, not a few months.  Not only do we generate leads quickly, but we also provide consulting throughout the sales process. This way, you or your dedicated sales team can have the best opportunity to grow and succeed with your business goals.

Using our  data- driven system, we have generated qualified leads for several technology companies not only in Kansas City, but throughout the United States. We have worked with IT firms, Epicor and EAM providers, software and application developers, personal technology consultants and more to generate qualified leads and brand recognition to better convert sales.

                                    Improve your sales funnel and increase your lead pipeline.

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Our Technology
Lead Generation Experience

  • HAAS Providers,
  • Data Backup Recovery,
  • Cyber Security Application,
  • Virtualization,
  • Application Developers.
  • Infor Solutions,
  • Epicor RE-Sellers,
  • Oracle Providers,
  • SAAS Providers,
  • IAAS Providers,
  • Cloud Computing Services,
  • EAM Solutions,
  • CRM Solutions,
  • Financial Software,
  • IT Consultants,
  • Digital Transformation Consultants,
  • Technology Brokerage,
  • Non-Profit Software,
  • Fleet Management Software,
  • ERP Re-Sellers,