You probably read the title of this post and thought, “that wasn’t the case for our salespeople,” but according to Docurated’s State of Sales Productivity 2015 study it probably was. Respondents claim that content search and utilization will help to improve sales productivity, but many companies aren’t focusing on improving this issue.

The research by Docurated shows us how much time companies spend on sales productivity and offers readers some great recommendations for getting more out of their sales department.

Highlights of the research include:

  1. Sales productivity is a top driver for hitting new revenue targets.
  2. Organizations are investing more and more in sales productivity.
  3. Sales productivity is often marketing’s responsibility, however marketing does not prioritize sales productivity projects.
  4. Measuring productivity can be more expensive than realized productivity gains.
  5. Most organizations define productivity as just efficiency and are missing the gains that effectiveness can bring new sales is the #1 priority for sales execs.