Apples, when not ripe, don’t taste very good. It’s a season thing. Same thing with a dating relationship, timing is everything; don’t rush in. Same thing with leads!

According to HubSpot, 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups.

To make use of this principle, pay attention to the 4 parts to the buyer’s journey. This is what a person will go through that has no idea who your company is.

  1. Learn. The focus is to learn about your organization. They are going to figure out quickly if they even need to know who you are. For example, this could mean an email subject line or something that is introductory. They are going to judge that and they are going to say, “I’ll keep this”, or “I’ll not unsubscribe.”
  2. Solve. Can you solve a problem for them? Now that they know who you are, is there something going on right now that you can help them out with? For example, you only look for automotive shops when your car is broken. They could fill out a contact us form and they want to talk to you; you could also receive inbound email or phone call. Now is the right time for your services and they will let you know, just let them tell you, and have several ways they can engage.
  3. Compare. Even if you are the front-runner and they love you already, they are going to have to vet you against other people. Their boss is going to ask for 3 quotes. This process is deeply engrained in American business and you are going to have to deal with it, especially in larger companies.
  4. Purchase. Don’t rush it. Don’t jump in when they are just trying to figure out and ask the questions, “Do I need to know you?”, “Can you really even solve anything for me?” Due diligence must be done.

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