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In the crowded landscape of online digital strategy, relevance is the key to success. Here is the basic idea: spend 3% of your annual marketing budget to know how to spend the other 97%. Other marketing companies drop clients into the same automated system that they use for everyone. This leads to lack luster results and stunted feedback.

At TRO, we work one on one with you and your team to create a custom strategy that will get you the best results for your set business goals. We also do weekly check-ins and provide analytical data that you specify is important, not just what we think is important. We are constantly analyzing and adjusting your campaign to make sure we stay on track for your desired business goals.

Any good marketing strategy grows out of a company’s value proposition, summarizing its competitive advantage in the market. Targets are defined, competitors are sized up, goals are established and tools and techniques are employed. We develop strategies the entire team can feel good about.

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Having a product or service video is a powerful tool. Studies show adding a product video to your website or landing page can increase conversions by 80%.Additionally, these same studies show 85% of businesses say that they are likely to begin or continue using video in the future.

Here at TRO, we use our decades worth of video editing experience to create unique videos that get attention. We provide live action filming, animation, script writing, voice over, touch-ups and more! The best part? We do it all in-house! This means you no longer have to wait months just to see a rough draft or concept.

Want to make a change to a video? No problem! With a dedicated video manager assigned to your project, we will be able to make changes within a few hours, not a few weeks or months.



The best way to show someone you can help them in the future is to help them now. In an information loaded internet world, your prospects can get detailed information on a variety of topics. Your job is to make sure they’re getting that information from you.

The question is not whether to do content marketing, but rather which type and which platform? At TRO we offer a variety of content creation and help services that include video, podcast creation, newsletters and blog writing. TRO also advises on content strategies, production and distribution.



When it comes to social media and sales, LinkedIn and Facebook are the two platforms with the highest conversion rates. According to Forbes,  41% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is the most important online platform and 30% say Facebook is the most important.

Additionally, 62% of business owners say they use LinkedIn while Facebook is closing in on nearly 2 Billion users world wide. This means if you’re not on these platforms already or aren’t effectively using them, your competition already is.

TRO has successfully used both platforms to generate leads, secure sales and grow brand awareness for clients in both the B2B and B2C space. We have also simultaneously grown our clients online presence to establish them as leaders in their market space. From strategy, to content creation, posting, to promotion and running ads, TRO has the capabilities to help clients build engagement with their desired target audience.



Any serious company that wants to grow customers has to have a website. However, the majority of small businesses don’t have one. According to, about 60% of businesses with fewer than 5 employees don’t have a website.What this means for you as a small business owner is having a website not only puts you ahead of your competition, but it makes you look more professional to your prospects.

Here at TRO, we specialize in websites that not only function to increase sales, but also to make you look more professional. This is important because 94% of the time, people attribute design reasons for not trusting a website. This means if your website doesn’t look professional, you’re hurting your business.

Want to drive traffic online but don’t want it to go to your website? We can create custom landing pages that mimic the appearance of your website but live on their own servers. This way you can A/B test a specific promotion or test a new audience without generating the wrong kind of traffic to your site. To get to first base today, an outdated website simply won’t do. Our website design, build and maintenance services will keep your credibility high and make a fast and engaging place for your internet traffic to land on.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Client - Applogie - Brian Anderson

We used TRO for two explainer videos as we launched our product and website. I couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out. Isaac quickly understood what we were doing, worked hard to earn the business and delivered a quality end product.

Brian Anderson – Applogie SaaS Management

Digital Marketing Client - DCSC Software Image Kirsten

We had a goal to gain better exposure to the right type of companies and contacts. The team at TRO took the time to understand our offerings, worked on a marketing plan and together we achieved excellent results.

Kirsten Austin – DCSC Software

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation - Client EAM - Wes

TRO Transformed our lackluster marketing efforts into a vibrant, active, integrated and effective program. They generated more leads in a year than we had generated in three and they are incredibly easy to work with. Great folks.

Wes Kennemore – EAM Solutions

When it comes to being a business owner, there’s never been a better time to grow your revenue. Over-inflated advertising campaigns have been replaced with personal one-on-one interactions. With the development of social media platforms and advanced targeting, small and medium sized businesses can now compete on the same level as national brands.

At TRO, we use our years of sales and marketing experience to generate qualified leads within a few days, not a few months.  Not only do we generate leads quickly, but we also provide consulting throughout the sales process. This way, you or your dedicated sales team can have the best opportunity to grow and succeed with your business goals.

TRO customers understand the importance of measurable business goals, personal connections and solving a need prospects have. We work hard every day to practice this in our own company and we help our clients to achieve the same level of success.