Lead Nurturing comes before Lead Plucking!

Scene from a typical marketing conversation~

Client:”I’m looking to get some new leads going”

TRO: “great, that’s what we do”

Client: “we want to get started next week”

TRO: ” I’m sure we can accommodate that”

Client: “and we need the leads to create revenue this Quarter”

TRO: “Who is this?”


In today’s world of hand raisers and empowered shopping, leads need to go through the cycles of awareness and need before they are ready to be pursued.


Even a direct outbound targeted campaign needs nurturing before leads are mature. Content strategies and social media campaigns take much longer and are actually built more around reputation; so it’s harder to directly quantify results.


The great thing about nurtured leads is they’re cheaper. Paying someone to shove emails and phone calls down throats takes a lot of payroll. Believe me, we know. Nurtured leads also take more time, so if your going out of business next quarter, this is not the strategy for you.



Pick 2,500 companies that are a perfect fit for you as a client. build 2 contacts each and begin by just letting them know you exist. with that number, follow ups are manageable , and you could even get a little rapport going with some of them.