Here’s a little story of how many leads are born today.

There’s a conference table, there sit a ceo, cfo, coo, it and other staffers. a recurring business problem comes up again. for the third time. Someone suggests we should do something about it, and the idea enters into discussion.

“First, does anyone here know how to solve this or know someone that can personally?”

Answer many times is no.

“Okay, we need someone to do some investigating. find out if we can get this taken care of ond how much it might cost. Johnson, you do it; and report back next week.”

Now either Johnson goes out and does it himself, or he gets his Millennial assistant to do the research. Either way a series of google searches ends in landing pages and websites, videos, contact forms filled out or phone numbers called. That’s where you want to be. People finding your landing page and “raising that hand”

This has been the new normal for a while now. People want it to be their idea to connect. And want to connect on their terms. Here is where paid search and Search Engine Optimization are so great.

  1. Be there at the point of need,
  2. Let them feel its their idea to connect
  3. They have already vetted your company a bit by the time you even know it

According think with Google:

Reality #1 Nearly half of all B2B researchers are millennials.

Reality #2: B2B researchers who are not in the c-suite influence purchase decisions.

Instead of “happy hunting” I will now say “happy fishing!”