Here’s a common problem we see in the lead generation world.

  1. A phone call uncovers services are needed
  2. A time to talk in more depth is scheduled
  3. Calendar invites are accepted.
  4. The appointment date rolls around, and, no one is on the other end.

Why does this happen? To understand, you have to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes.

It’s the morning of the appointment. You have accepted the invite 3 days ago. You see the appointment on your calendar, but also see other items you need to attend to, and you honestly can’t even remember why you put that on your calendar, because you can’t remember any real reason to talk; you decide to blow it off and schedule something else in its place.

The remedy to this situation is to make sure there’s a real reason to talk in the first place. In that brief conversation that created this appointment, there should be an uncovering of a real reason to talk. At the very least an honest curiosity about services if not a pressing timeline or budget item. A good lead generation firm will uncover this, or there is no meeting. No one has time for a friendly chat unless there’s a point. That reason will pop back into the mind on that morning of the appointment if it’s a good one.