Lead Generation Tips by TRO


At TRO, not only do we create unique and engaging marketing videos for our clients, but we also create video for ourselves. Learn more below about tips regarding digital marketing, including email marketing, video marketing, lead generation and sales.

Quit Talking About Yourself in Email.

How to use LinkedIn Headlines to your Advantage

Why we Quit Cold Calls

Why Your Website needs an SSL Certificate

Why you Should Still be Marketing when Sales are High.

How to Attract Prospects Online

Make More Entry Points for Your Sales Funnel

Consistency = Legitimacy

How to Qualify Your Leads.


When it comes to being a business owner, there’s never been a better time to grow your revenue. Over-inflated advertising campaigns have been replaced with personal one-on-one interactions. With the development of social media platforms and advanced targeting, small and medium sized businesses can now compete on the same level as national brands.

At TRO, we use our years of sales and marketing experience to generate qualified leads within a few days, not a few months.  Not only do we generate leads quickly, but we also provide consulting throughout the sales process. This way, you or your dedicated sales team can have the best opportunity to grow and succeed with your business goals.

TRO customers understand the importance of measurable business goals, personal connections and solving a need prospects have. We work hard every day to practice this in our own company and we help our clients to achieve the same level of success.