Email conversion can be tough. When measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns, one of the crucial metrics to examine is the responses you get. Reading message feedback is a great indicator to see if your campaign is reaching the right people in an effective way.

Looking at my own messaging I came across some interesting responses. I am going to show some examples below, keep in mind both of these people received the exact same email. The responses however were both very different.

Response 1: The Happy Response.

happy email response image

Response 2: The Angry Response

angry email response image

How Can The Responses Be So Different?

No matter how good your messaging is, to some people it will miss the mark and others it will be right on target. It all depends where they are at in the buying cycle. This is how you can get 2 completely different responses to the same message despite being in the same industry.

This is why it’s important to hone in on your targeting to get to get as close as possible with your messaging to appeal to the exact prospects you want to work with. Briefly mention your experience with similar companies to your target market. Make sure everyone on your list is in the exact industry you want to go after. This way you can target a mass audience but still streamline your messaging.

Even if you do everything right, it is still going to be a miss for some people. And that’s normal. It takes constant analyzing, adjustment and testing to get the most out of your campaigns. Don’t be discouraged if people don’t react how you expect them to. Everything is a learning experience and it’s about finding the right people, not converting someone who isn’t ready or would never do business with you in the first place.

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